Tecnoplastic Anniversary: 25 Years of Real Made in Italy


  • Suitable for level monitoring in facilities of clear, rain, industrial and chemical waters;
  • Adjustable Start and Stop delay time;
  • Made in Italy electronic board;
  • Made with top quality cables
  • Patented;
  • European Registered Design

Float Switches

  • Mercury free;
  • Electrically tested one by one prior to packing;
  • Tested in water under vacuum during the whole production;
  • Made with material suitable for high temperature;
  • Made with top quality micro-switches with 50.000 life-cycles;
  • Made with top quality cables


  • Consist in 3 pieces: head, nut and glass;
  • Totally manufactured with non-toxic material in compliance with the ACS legislation;
  • Intended for permanent use in drinking water;
  • Delivered already assembled;
  • Patented
  • European Registered Design