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Float Switches

  • Mercury free;
  • Electrically tested one by one prior to packing;
  • Tested in water under vacuum during the whole production;
  • Made with corrosion resistant materials;
  • Made with micro-switches certified for 50.000 life-cycles;
  • Made with soft and durable cables;
  • Wide choice for different needs

UL Line

Products for North American market

  • UL certification
  • Mercury free
  • Electrically tested one by one
  • Tested in vacuum chamber with water
  • Made with corrosion resistant materials
  • Equipped with micro-switches certified for 50.000 life-cycles
  • Made with soft and durable cables
  • Wide range for different needs


  • Consist in 3 pieces: head, nut and glass;
  • Totally manufactured with non-toxic material in compliance with the ACS legislation;
  • Intended for permanent use in drinking water;
  • Delivered already assembled with tool included;
  • Patented;
  • European Registered Design

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