Quality Policy

For the following activities, Company TECNOPLASTIC S.r.l. has decided to create a Quality Management System compliant with requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 regulation:
Design, development and production of accessories for pumps and water treatment systems.

Company’s Management looks at the Quality Policy as an effective tool for the company to constantly improve its performances according to the regulation and the applicable requirements while taking into account the operative background and the needs of all those involved, therefore the Management’s commitment is:

  1. develop, produce, and supply increasingly effective and reliable products entirely Made in Italy through the planned and efficient use of all company resources (human and technological);
  2. promote continuous innovation and present itself zestfully and professionally in the market, with products made from first choice raw materials;
  3. achieve positive economic and financial results, entering in the market with an excellent quality / price ratio;
  4. empower, enhance, and promote the personal growth of human resources by sharing the Company successful results as to increase personal gratification and the pride of being part of TECNOPLASTIC S.r.l .;
  5. involve, sensitize, prepare and train the whole staff, so that everyone can express themselves at their best with the highest professionalism, granting the job stability;
  6. determine and deal with risks and opportunities that may affect products’ compliance and services, and the ability to increase customer satisfaction and promote the use of a risk-based thinking approach to processes;
  7. strengthen with all customers a long-lasting and profitable collaborative relationship, as to provide products and services compliant with the mandatory requirements and regulations in force, that can meet their expectations in the most efficient and effective way;
  8. direct commitment of the Management to ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of the company's organizational skills and its Quality Management System;
  9. build strong bonds with all partners by listening, experimenting, and creating a cohesive work team strongly oriented to a shared aim;
  10. keep both a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 regulation and the product certifications, issued by accredited agencies, by providing the necessary resources with the aim of making it increasingly effective, also in reducing the costs of non-compliances;
  11. keep ATEX certification compliant with directive 2014/34 / EU and implement all relevant requirements according to the subscribed directives.
The Management commits to support and implement this Policy, to make it known to all company levels, to make it visible outside the company and to periodically verify its understanding and fulfilment.
Saonara, 11.01.2021