Accessories for Filters


Teflon tape rolls to perfectly seal the fittings in order to avoid water leakages.

Seal Kit

Cartridges gaskets' kit.


O-Ring for filter 88,27X5,34 EPDM.

Wall Support

Support to hang the filter on the wall.

Drinking water or hot water versions.

Tool for Filter

Tool to screw or loosen the filter casing without any effort.

Drinking water or hot water versions.

Polybox 15 - 05

Polyphosphate or Active Carbons box

  • Polybox 15 - 1,5lt - recharge for 2 cartridges 10" or 4 5"
  • Polybox 05 - 0,5lt - recharge for 1 cartridge 10" or 2 5"