Accessories for Float Switches

Exclusive accessory for Olympic and Fox float switches.

Built with materials highly resistant to mechanical stress, it is ideal for applica􀆟ons in turbulent waters as it prevents the entanglement of the cable, so the float switch can work properly. It can be used also in narrow spaces, and in sewage and industrial waters.

You can fix it to wells and tanks walls, or to pumps delivery pipes of any diameter.

The float switch can be installed in 3 different positions (horizontal, vertical, vertical 180 °) to allow the regula􀆟on of small changes in minimum and maximum level.

Available in two sizes: 115mm and 145mm

Special versions availables for pump manufacturers.

new Revolutionary Counterweight

It ensures that the float switch works in every water condition with the same action range without damaging the cable. 

Totally manufactured with non toxic material dedicated to food use and designed for wiring and connection of all appliances and equipments that are intended to permanent immersion in drinking water.

Easy - It can be installed on already positioned float switches, with no need to disconnect the cable from the plant
Adaptable - Self-adapting grommet, suitable for any type of cable from Ø7mm to Ø9mm
Universal – Suitable for Olympic - Fox - Supertec - Flotec float switches and other Brands
Ecological - Made of recyclable polypropylene. It can be used in drinking water and food
Clean - Thanks to its spherical shape, the dirt slips away without depositing on the surface
Smart - The non-hermetic seal given by the grommet avoids the formation of air pockets
European Registered Design

h07 - h05 - drink - Viton Versions

This professional accessory for Taurus, Flotec and Supertec allows to fix the floating switch to every kind of piping and to protect the cable against the deterioration that weight and uses could cause. 

A simple solution that can avoid garages and basements floodings.

piggyback Plug

The Schuko piggyback plug provided with the float allows to connect a pump without a switch directly to an electrical outlet controlling the starting and stopping function.

3 or 4 poles Versions

It allows a safe junction between two cables to replace traditional shrink sleeves or insulating tapes. 

In the 3 poles version, the screw pierces the sheath of the wire without the need of unsheathing.