All Filters

Our filters:

  • Consist in 3 pieces: head, nut and glass;
  • Totally manufactured with non-toxic material in compliance with the ACS legislation;
  • Intended for permanent use in drinking water;
  • Delivered already assembled;
  • Patented and European Registered Design

Choose the right filter for your application:

General use like domestic field and gardening


Transparent filter


Transparent filter with built-in anti-water hammer

anti-algae and anti-bacteria

blue dolphin

Glass in blue polypropylene

blue whale

Glass in blue polypropylene and anti-water hammer system

hot Water 80°C (176°F)

red dolphin

Head, nut and glass in nylon

chemical liquids

chemical dolphin

Glass in Trogamid

solid particles cartridges

stainless steel aISI 316L

44μ - 50μ

Melt Blown

Wound yarn


Special Versions

yarn & Carbons

2 in 1 cartridge, 20μ


Avoid limestone deposits on plumbing pipe taps

activated carbons

To remove bad smell