All Filters

  • Consist in 3 pieces: head, nut and glass;
  • Totally manufactured with non-toxic material in compliance with the ACS legislation;
  • Intended for permanent use in drinking water;
  • Delivered already assembled with tool included;
  • Patented;
  • European Registered Design.

General Purpose

Domestic field and Gardening


Transparent filter


Transparent filter with built-in anti-water hammer

Anti UV

Algae and bacteria

Blue Dolphin

Glass in blue polypropylene

Blue Whale

Glass in blue polypropylene and anti-water hammer system

Hot Water

80*C (176*F)

Red Dolphin

Head, nut and glass in nylon

Solid Particles Cartridges

Stainless Steel AISI 316

144μ - 50μ

Melt Blown

Wound Yarn


Special Verions

Yarn & Carbons

2 in 1 cartridge, ​20μ


Avoid limestone deposits on plumbing pipe taps

Activated Carbons

To remove bad smell


Wall Support

Support to hang the filter on the wall.

Tool For Filter

Tool to screw or loosen the filter casing without any effort.

Polibox 15 - 05

Polyphosphate or Active Carbons jar:
  • Polybox 15 - 1,5lt - recharge for 2 cartridges 10" or 4 5"
  • Polybox 05 - 0,5lt - recharge for 1 cartridge 10" or 2 5"


Teflon tape rolls to perfectly seal the fittings in order to avoid water leakages.

Seal Kit

Cartridges gaskets' kit.


O-Ring for filter 88,27X5,34 EPDM.