Three watertight chambers level regulator with freely suspended
trim variation, highly abrasion and tear resistant

cutting fluids and coolant
industrial machinery
installation plants

How Is Made

A Float Inside Another Float

  1. First watertight chamber
  2. Second watertight chamber
  3. Third watertight chamber
  4. Spherical plastic seal: it augments the structural resistance of the float and weighs on the expanded polystyrene crown cap beneath creating the third watertight chamber
  5. Final thermoplastic sealing: it fuses the various plastic parts together into one single piece.
  6. Expanded polystyrene crown cap: it compresses the metallic grit
  7. Metallic grit
  8. Cable gland
  9. Rubber grommet: tested at 5 bar

Principle of Operation

Used in couple with another of the same type allows you to adjust the levels of minimum and maximum

The tank fillS

High level starts the pump

The tank drains

Low level stops the pump

Examples of Applications




Neoprene cables IMQ certified

Available Lenghts

10 - 20 m

Available Types

PUR - FFR105OP 4G0,75 - Ø 8,8mm (2 functions - SPDT)

Power Supply

Best European Microswitches

Technical Features

clean contacts support
min 0,1A
min 12/24V


10(8)A 250V for pumps till 1,5HP

Other Features


max.+80°C (+176°F)


max.20m - 65,6ft

Protection Grade

IP 68

Specific weight

0,95 - 1,05 kg/dm³


Cable holder


Enables the float switch to be fixed both vertically and horizontally according to user’s need

*Available On Request