Products for the
North American Market

  • UL certification
  • Mercury free
  • Electrically tested one by one
  • Tested in vacuum chamber with water
  • Made with corrosion resistant materials
  • Equipped with micro-switches certified for 50.000 life-cycles
  • Made with soft and durable cables
  • Wide range for different needs

Floor Water Detector

Crab UL

Resting on a flat surface, it remains anchored to the bottom, allowing to detect the presence of water from the floor...

Narrow Spaces

Mouse UL

Vertical level regulator suitable for narrow spaces where regular
floats do not have enough room to move...

Spider UL

The batons, attached to the body, allow the level regulator to work in narrow spaces and in difficult environments with turbulent waters...

Long Distances

Snake UL

In combination with two level probes or two Taurus (sold separately), it allows the installation of the control body to long distances from the workstations...

Waste Water

Taurus UL

Three watertight chambers level regulator with freely
suspended trim variation...

Olympic 03 UL

Float switch with activation angle of 20° for overflow


Supertec UL

Double chambers float switch resistant to high pressures...

General Purpose

Olympic UL

Reduced dimensions, the most economic solution for water
pumps and plumbing systems automation...

Fox UL

Suitable for water pumps and professional plumbing systems