Spider UL

The rods attached to the body allow the level regulator to work in narrow spaces and in difficult environments with turbulent waters.

Principle of Operation

Based on the electrical conductivity of the water

Spider is connected to 3 batons: Common as ground - Min as minimuml level - Max as maximul level

The water reaches the weel and the level increases
Spider turns ON the pump when the maximum level baton detects the water
The water level decreases and Spider turns OFF the pump when the minimum level baton doesn’t detect the water anymore

Factory Delay Times





Setting Delay Times

By means of the supplied magnetic key, the customer is able to adjust the delay time of start and stop according to its own needs of use.

Setting Start Delay Time

  1. Disconnect the plug from the electrical system;
  2. Put the magnetic key close to the arrow stamped on the side of the electronic controller;
  3. Connect the plug to turn on the pump;
  4. Hold the magnetic key in position for how many seconds you wish to delay the starting time (maximum 120 seconds);
  5. Once you got the desired delay time, remove the magnetic key.

Setting Stop Delay Time

  1. Connect the plug to the electrical system;
  2. Wait for the pump shutdown;
  3. Put the magnetic key close to the arrow shown on the side of the electronic regulator and the pump starts;
  4. Hold the magnetic key in posion for the seconds necessary to delay the shutdown (maximum 120 seconds);
  5. Once reached the desired time, remove the magnetic key.

Available Types

Made in Italy Motherboards; Neoprene and Oil Resistant cables for better performances


Brackets and Supports

Stainless Steel Bracket*

AISI 304

*Available On Request