Supertec UL

Double chambers float switch resistant to high pressures. A greater buoyancy and the reduced dimensions guarantee high performances.
heavy-duty applications

How Is Made

A Float Inside Another Float

  1. First watertight chamber
  2. Second watertight chamber
  3. Final thermoplastic sealing: it fuses the various plastic parts together into a single piece
  4. Rubber grommet: tested at 5 bar

Principle of Operation

The tank fills

High level starts the pump

The tank drains

Low level stops the pump

Examples of Applications



Available Types

Neoprene and Oil Resistant cables for better performances

Power Supply

Best European Microswitches

Technical Features

clean contacts support
min 0,1A
min 12/24V


Cable holder

Shell Counterweight 230g*

It allows the float switch to work always with the same cable length even in turbolent waters avoiding damages to the cable

*Available On Request